We’re PROactive

Being proactive means taking the initiative, not just letting things happen. Case Management has a goal and PRO operates with this in mind. Our customers sum it up, while we do use telephonic case management initially to handle case management, we find that telephonic is just not as effective on more complicated claims. “The PRO people are on site and actually deliver. They reduce costs being at each appointment and relaying critical real time information as soon as it is known”. By meeting face to face with clients, employers, doctors, and other involved parties, PRO gets a much better understanding of the situation than a company that tries to do a lot of work over the phone. PRO goes the extra step and creates a trust between all parties that only comes from personal contact. “PRO has excellent case managers to meet and work with. Even if the workers initially don’t like having a case manager, after working with the people from PRO, most begin to depend on their case manager” added one customer. That’s PROACTIVE.

We’re PROficient

Being proficient means doing things better than everyone else. When asked about PRO, Deana Headrick of AEP said, “I work with many different companies in 14 states and PRO is by far the best to work with. They respond well to my concerns, they absolutely provide good communication and they make a huge difference in our management costs.”

The key to doing things better is PRO’s action-oriented plans and dedicated staff. Clients never have to worry about what is going on with a case because something is always being done and the lines of communication are always open. PRO case managers have a combined experience of over 75 years. They belong to the Academy of Certified Case Managers and the Case Management Society of America. Exceeding expectations. That’s PROFICIENT.

We’re Simply PRO

We advocate and affirm PRO community, PRO people, PRO business. It shows in the way we relate to people. Lloyd Hudson of American Electric Power said, “One of PRO’s strengths is their ability to communicate with everyone from the line workers to the executives in the corporate offices, they know how to communicate on all levels.”

At PRO we never forget to listen. Listening to concerns and really answering questions bridges the gap between a wide variety of people who all deserve the best possible outcome.

That’s our goal, our vision, and our commitment. We’re PRO and we are here for you.